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Cycling sunglasses must provide protection from the sun as well as from other elements such as wind, dust, insects and road debris. All models featured here have swept-back aerodynamic styling and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses to maximise peripheral vision and defend your eyes from these elements. We have a wide range of affordable, high performance and stylish sports eyewear including interchangeable, padded and prescription ready rx-able sports sunglasses - all at great prices. See a style you like but not the colour then please browse our sunglasses Brands category, all colours in stock are listed by brand.

Any cyclist who has taken to the road without protective eyewear can vouch for their eyes becoming irritated and even their riding halted by instances of road debris, insects or the sun obstructing vision. Therefore wearing cycling sunglasses should be priority to prevent any damage to the eyes from airborne objects and also to increase visual performance and awareness by blocking out the sun’s glare and UV rays. We're all hoping to see perfect cycling weather this season, enjoy it to the full with cycling sunglasses from i*sunglasses.

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