Ski Goggles and Ski Sunglasses are Peaking Out of Season

Skiing and snowboarding are seen by most people as winter sports activities which are a million miles away from the warm summer days of this time of year. However many sports enthusiasts begin their preparations months in advance of the start of a particular sporting calendar. Although the UK saw much snow for long periods over the 2010/11 winter season, continental weather was often quite the opposite. Of course Scotland has its own place on the skiing map and witnessed some of the best conditions it has seen for years last season. But for many the very best in mountain ranges, stunning scenery and real winter sports snow conditions can be found in countries such as Italy, France and Austria in Europe, whilst Canada and the US boast their own spectacular ski resorts.

Following some disappointment and negative feedback from many skiers last year due to a lack of snowfall across Europe, many ski equipment retailers and winter sports travel operators are reporting increased activity during these summer months when compared to previous years. Google search statistics have shown that searches and trends for essential accessories and equipment such as ski sunglasses, ski goggles and clothing have increased at a remarkable rate this year. A well known global eyewear retailer has reported that since the summer season began, they have seen a massive growth in visits from a variety of ski sunglasses and ski goggles related keywords. In comparison to the 2010 summer season they have seen an increase of over 9000% in ski or snowboard related traffic visiting the same website, which is quite staggering.

Obviously in the summer months many people would not be surprised that a sunglasses retailer would be enjoying the peak months of their trade. However, perhaps also contributing to the increase in winter sports related searches, the UK weather since June has been random at the best of times. Most days since June have seen a mix of rain, wind and sunshine from hour to hour. These factors tend to directly affect buying patterns and high street retailers are already showcasing autumn clothing and will most certainly be thinking about introducing winter products and accessories within the next month. Last summer the World Cup ensured many people were focused on purchasing replica football shirts, BBQ equipment, alcohol and garden furniture. With a summer of less televised sporting activity perhaps the nation is already looking ahead.

With such a staggering growth in searches within the winter eyewear industry it looks almost certain that retailers of ski sunglasses and goggles will benefit from an increase in sales and hopefully a profitable winter all round. This is normally a much quieter season in terms of overall traffic and website visits for sunglasses retailers. Perhaps climate change is another contributing factor after industry searches slumped across the board during the usually peak month of June. It is certainly a time of great interest for the sunglasses industry and perhaps a welcome surprise to see that interest in other eyewear ranges is on the increase. Depending on the winter weather across the globe it could be an extremely interesting time for the industry.

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