Optical Frames

A superb collection of good quality and very affordable round eyeglasses. They're supplied ready to wear with plain clear lenses (non-prescription) which have full UV protection so you can wear them as a fashion statement even if you don't need prescription glasses, or just take them to your opticians and have your own prescription lenses fitted. Our perfectly round glasses are available in two sizes, a regular medium to large (ML) fit which takes the standard 45mm (1¾") diameter lenses and a medium (M) fit which takes the smaller 42mm (1⅝") diameter lenses. The superior quality screwed optical frames are made from premium-grade materials with high tension spring temples, they're light in weight yet very durable and are extremely comfortable to wear. They're often referred to as John Lennon Glasses, Harry Potter Glasses, granny specs or even NHS glasses.

These products have been approved by ciliaryblue who can supply prescription lenses for them. They can produce standard plastic single vision lenses from £15 for prescriptions up to +/-3.0D. Higher powers can be provided with different lens types. Please refer to their web site for more details www.ciliaryblue.com. We recommend you purchase your glasses first to make sure they are suitable before you order your lenses.

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