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ClipFlipz Rectangular PC Small/Yellow-AR Clip On Sunglasses

Product Review (submitted on 2 June 2016):
Tried these for the first time today, and I can honestly say after a single night's use it's the best £18 I've spent for ages!
I tried a pair of 'Gunnar' gaming glasses on in a shop recently, but was sad to find out they do not make clip-ons, and instead only offer prescription versions of their glasses (although MANY people have asked Gunnar to make clip-ons, and have been ignored).

These do pretty much the same thing, although they don't advertise them with all the technical mumbo-jumbo that Gunnar do to make you think they are worth the high price.

I've had them on for the 5 hours I spent at my computer tonight, and while I would normally have had sore eyes and a headache by now, tonight I do not.
The colour takes a while to get use to, and even after hours of use you still notice the yellow tint, but as long as what you are doing doesn't require any colour accuracy it shouldn't be an issue.

I was sceptical, but contrast is improved a lot, and anything from reading text to gaming seems to be improved by the effect they have.

What did surprise me is how Blue and bright my screens looked when removing the clip-ons, and almost immediately I could feel myself squinting, it felt a bit like going from a pitch Black room to someone switching on a bright light, and I now understand why I was suffering from eye strain.

If you use a monitor on a daily basis and get eye strain/headaches, and won't mind the yellow tint that these give everything (you do become somewhat accustomed to it after a while), just get these clip-ons, they made a huge difference for me.

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