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Birdz Phoenix Interchangeable Motorcycle Sunglasses/Goggles 3 Lens Kit with Prescription Lens Rx Insert ML

Product Review (submitted on 1 June 2016):
Initial reaction to the Phoenix was positive: they appeared thoughtfully designed, very well made, and versatile...but how would they stand up to two weeks on & off piste? Well, they stood up really well! If, like me, you need glasses (the optical insert bit which cost less than £40 from Specsavers) to ski, then these goggles are more than worth considering. They're remarkably good value. The only, slightly, negative aspects would be a tendency to mist up - but only if stationary. I just popped them up on the helmet and then repositioned them once under way again. Also, in severe weather, they give the face less protection than conventional goggles. All in all though, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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