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Birdz Phoenix Interchangeable Motorcycle Sunglasses/Goggles 3 Lens Kit with Prescription Lens Rx Insert ML

Product Review (submitted on 31 May 2016):
I ordered the phoenix goggles/glasses with the prescription insert on a Wednesday and got them the next day, can't get better service than that. EXCELLENT, internet shopping at it's best.

The goggles themselves also appear very good, though I haven't skied with them yet. They are ruggedly made, comfortable and decent air vents. Lens changing is quick & easy.

The prescription lens insert is metal and securely sits close inside main lens

I found it really good value to get 3 lenses, a carry case and strap for goggle conversion, all of equally pleasing quality.

I am getting my lenses made at a lens factory (optilabs.com) near my house, because my prescription is complex It is costing me £50, more standard lenses would cost around £35ish. They had a look at the goggles and pointed out that if your prescription calls for a large convex outward curvature (long-sightedness) they may press against or touch the main lens.

But if you are long sighted I am guessing you probably wouldn't need prescription goggles. For short-sightedness there shouldn't be a problem as those lenses have a different shape.

I can only go skiing about 1 week a year so felt these goggles + prescription to be a good all round deal. - all fully sorted in about three days.

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