Retro Sunglasses Provide Timeless Eyewear Styles

Retro - the word itself is synonymous with the past and vintage times. In the fashion sector it without question refers to one of the leading styles of eyewear when it comes to sunglasses and spectacles.

As you would expect retro eyewear is an ever changing industry. Most wearers of such fashion would class a “retro” period as perhaps a minimum of 15 to 20 years or more previous to the present day. This sort of ever changing time frame gives this fashion category its own unique style in that there isn’t a defined style for retro when compared to say camouflage fashion.

This trend is no more evident than with retro sunglasses, since the mid 1990s through to the modern day we continue to see a major resurgence of geek sunglasses. In particular black frame clear lens nerd glasses styles as worn by celebrities such as Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and acclaimed TV fashion guru Gok Wan.

With such high profile celebrities sporting geek style sunglasses it's easy to see why so many everyday people choose to follow the trend and it is expanding very rapidly. They can be a very affordable choice when compared to other designer eyewear ranges.

Retro sunglasses are not just about the geek look as there are many other vintage ranges, such as Wayfarers and aviator sunglasses, that continue to be just as popular today as they were many decades ago. Wayfarer sunglasses in particular have seen a huge resurgence in wearers through the popularity of films such as The Blues Brothers which is also a leading musical in the West End of London and the Broadway theatre in New York. Such exposure ensures that products such as Wayfarers are always going to be in the limelight and never forgotten.

The popularity of these styles of eyewear is not just accredited to celebrities wearing them as they're a fantastic accessory to compliment other types of clothing. For example mirror lens aviator sunglasses have become an essential part of beach style, reflecting the rays of the sun and also promoting a cool look on those long hot summer days.

Many high street and online fashion retailers stock huge ranges of retro sunglasses to compliment their different styles and designs of clothing. Again, as with retro fashion, the clothing industry changes daily so this provides a perfect solution for one another.

Retro eyewear is unique in that it will never go out of fashion because it is always changing, not many things in life can confidently claim to be such a timeless style. However with retro sunglasses you can be confident that they will remain a trend setter for many years to come.

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