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Reading Glasses

Our superb and very stylish reading glasses collection is aimed at people who need corrective eyeglasses for close up work and reading. They're supplied ready to wear in various lens powers including +1.0, +1.25, +1.5, +1.75, +2.0, +2.25, +2.5, +3.0, +3.5 and +4.0 dioptre. These quality reading glasses are ideal for people who suffer from presbyopia which is an age related form of farsightedness common in most people over 40. The eyes progressively loose the ability to focus on near objects, normal distance vision is usually unaffected but near vision becomes increasingly blurred over time which can cause eye ache and fatigue. These ready readers can help to restore clear images and focus thus removing the need to read at arms length. Most of our reading glasses frames, including our range of hard to find yet very affordable retro style and round reading glasses, are rx-able meaning the lenses can be easily removed so that they can be reglazed with prescription lenses if required.

Note: Reading glasses may not be suitable for everyone nor for all applications. If in doubt you should consult your eye doctor or optician.

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