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Clip-On Flip-Up

Clip-On Flip-Up

Turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses with our clip-on flip-up sunglasses (flip clips), they're available in various shapes and sizes to suit most spectacle frames. Practical, stylish and always ready to wear, perfect for people who want the benefits of instant sun protection whilst wearing their prescription eyewear. Our most popular clip on sunglasses come with high quality polarized lenses to ensure your vision is glare-free, clearer contrasts and more natural colours make them ideal for water based activities such as fishing. They're also available with blue-blocking copper driving lenses and non-polarised tinted lenses. Our range of clip on glasses allows you extend the use of your prescription spectacles very cost effectively and conveniently for night driving, passive 3D TV, computer and magnifier uses.

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They’re unisex, lightweight, compact and easy to clip onto your spectacles. All our clipons feature a solid spring clip mechanism, which flips up to approx 140 degrees to provide a clear field of vision. Designed to give you maximum flexibility in sunlight, shade or indoors, these glasses clips are a contemporary, rimless style, with flexible plastic prongs to glide neatly over the bridge of your own prescription glasses. Held securely and comfortably, the central swivel clip means you can flip the lenses up and down quickly and conveniently.

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