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These clip-on sunglasses with non-polarised tinted lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays and give excellent protection from sunlight and the elements. Our ClipFlipz models come with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses making them very tough and durable yet light in weight. They protect against light impact and small airborne objects making them suitable for most outdoor activities and general sports use. Polycarbonate is less likely to fracture than regular plastic and so is perfect for rimless eyewear designs such as flip up sunglasses. Smoke grey lenses perform best in bright sunny conditions. They're considered neutral because they do not enhance contrast nor distort colours. Yellow lenses enhance contrast and depth perception by filtering scattered, out-of-focus blue light. They’re especially effective in flat light or overcast conditions helping to increase visibility. Copper driver lenses provide sharper contrast and image definition by blocking blue light and they reduce road glare whilst preserving a natural colour balance for comfortable viewing in the day-light. They're designed to highlight the critical driving colours, i.e. red, amber and green.

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