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A superb range of very affordable clip-on flip-up magnifying lenses for glasses, instantly turn your spectacles into powerful hands free magnifiers when you clip on these magnifying lenses. Ideal for all tasks that require 'hands free' fine detail work such as fishing, embroidery, sewing, jewellery repairs, watch making, modelling and reading small print both at home and at work. Simply clip them onto the frame of your spectacles and flip down when needed then flip up when not for instant normal vision. They're available in four aspheric lens powers from +1.0 dioptre up to +4.0 dioptre and in five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your prescription glasses.

The power of magnifier required varies depending on the person, the glasses they already wear and the intended use. If you are trying to boost the small print we would recommend something at around the same strength as the prescription glasses you already wear. This will effectively double the magnification and halve the focal distance. So if your glasses are +2.00 then choose magnifiers with +2.00 also, stronger powers will increase the magnification but at a reduced focal distance.

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