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Computer Glasses

Do your eyes feel tired and dry or do you suffer fatigue or headaches after working on your computer for lengthy periods? This could be caused by the continuous glare from your computer monitor and is known as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. Specially tinted lenses can optimally filter out the excessive blue light radiation found in computer flat screen monitors and other sources in office environments such as fluorescent and energy saving lamps. Our range of clip on computer glasses with pale yellow lenses enhance contrast and depth perception by filtering scattered, out-of-focus blue light with minimal colour distortion. The screen colours will appear “warmer” but the harsh glare associated with bright whites will be removed, you’ll very quickly get used to this and will wonder how you ever managed without them. Plus the anti-reflective(AR) coating on the back of the lenses allows light to pass more freely, approximately 99% of the available light will pass through the lens thus reducing glare considerably helping to reduce eye fatigue. Light coming in from the sides and behind causes additional glare due to reflections off the backs of the lenses, the AR coating also reduces these.

It is important that your corrective eyewear (spectacles) is suitable for computer use. Problems when using computers may be caused by certain eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and myopia. You should first seek professional advice from your eye doctor or optician, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You should also remember to take frequent breaks from using your computer.

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