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Polarised sunglasses (or polarized) are great for water sports, driving, cycling, skiing and other activities where your eyes have contact with the road, snow or any flat surface that reflects sunlight. They're especially popular for fishing and water sports because they remove glare allowing you see down below the surface of the water.

We all experience glare from the sun interfering with our vision. Glare is a way of describing light wave transmission, reflected or refracted, that is aligned into a directional plane (polarised). A polarised lens filters direct light and eliminates polarised light allowing the wearer to see light in its pure state. Objects appear more defined, sharper and naturally coloured. Instead of squinting to minimise glare, a polarised lens allows your eyes to see colours with true clarity.

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Polarised Sunglasses are great for improving both visual and activity performance because they reduce glare from surfaces such as water, roads, snow and other flat surfaces. Participants in water sports and fishing can increase their own personal performance by seeing to greater depths in the water when wearing polarised sunglasses, whilst ski and snowboard enthusiasts will benefit from not having to put up with almost blinding glare that reflects of snow and ice in the sunshine.

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