Kids Sunglasses are a Holiday Season Essential

Every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to health issues and protecting them from unnecessary risks. In a few weeks time UK schools break up for the summer holidays and this results in many families going abroad for a couple of weeks to warmer and sunnier climates. This means increased levels of UV rays which can be extremely harmful to developing children’s eyes. But it’s not just going abroad in the summer that increases the health risks to children’s eyes, the temperatures and strength of UV rays also increase at home. Therefore, it is essential that kid’s sunglasses become a major daily consideration during the summer holiday season whatever activities are planned over the period.

Developing eyes are extremely sensitive and are at increased risk from UV rays when compared to adults. Recent studies by the College of Optometrists show that over 75% of parents surveyed do not protect their children’s eyes from the sun and that for the ones who do, cost becomes a major factor. This often leads to the purchase of cheap, poor quality kid’s sunglasses that do not offer sufficient protection from the sunlight. Kids sunglasses need to be prioritised in the summer along with sun cream. Prolonged exposure to the suns UV rays can cause problems with a child’s vision and also increase the risk of long term conditions such as cancer of the eye, cataracts and age related degeneration of the eyes. Lighter coloured eyes, such as blue eyes are also known to be at an increased risk so it is vital sunglasses are worn at all times when out and about in the sun.

There are many different scenarios where children need to wear sunglasses and choosing the most suitable pair becomes a major consideration. However there are some basic essentials to consider in all cases. All kid’s sunglasses should be meet the required European standards with lenses that offer full UV400 protection. Children’s sunglasses should carry the CE mark and the relevant UV filter level to indicate that they are up to latest European standard, i.e. EN1836:2005.

Children who are very active and who take part in outdoor sports would be best suited to wearing a wraparound style of kid’s sunglasses for complete peripheral protection. These also look very stylish and are often seen worn by many high profile sports stars. Many manufacturers and retailers know that even with young children fashion is often a consideration. And so for every day uses such as walking, lounging around the pool or general activities a pair of kid’s fashion sunglasses could be the best option. Again the lenses must have full UV400 protection and be up to the required standard of manufacture.

Generally the age for normal children’s sunglasses would be from 5 years and upwards as those any younger would fall into the infant sunglasses bracket. With infants and toddlers it is worth considering that it can be difficult to keep the sunglasses on them for long periods and so wearing sun protective headwear is also essential. Older children and teenagers may fit better into a small sized pair of adult sunglasses so be sure to check the dimensions of the sunglasses whether you are buying online or from a retail outlet.

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