How to Choose Clip On Sunglasses

There is a wide variety of different types of clip on sunglasses available to choose from, this guide will help you understand the benefits of different styles, lenses and designs of clip on sunglasses and allows you to understand how to choose your clip on sunglasses.

The primary function and use of clip on sunglasses is to turn your prescription glasses into a multi-functioning eyewear product that allows you to simply and cost effectively transform a pair of glasses into sun protection sunglasses through using a flip up and flip down clip. Depending on the scenario and requirement for clip on sunglasses, there are three main categories and product ranges to choose from.

Driving clip on sunglasses lenses are generally manufactured with a copper colour that is very effective at blocking blue light and road glare, whilst increasing image definition and enhancing contrast sharpness. This type of lens will help to relax the eye muscles and will have the benefit of highlighting the vital driving colours such as green, amber and red.

Polarised clip on sunglasses are a fantastic lens choice for cutting out and minimising glare from surfaces such as water and roads that tend to increase reflection. By reducing this surface glare polarised clipons ensure that objects become clearer and colour perception is enhanced. When choosing clip on sunglasses, different lens colours will perform better in certain conditions. Brown lenses increase contrast and depth perception whilst offering all round weather performance. For brighter days, a grey lens will perform best, considered a neutral lens colour, grey does not enhance contrast nor have distorting effects on colours.

Non-polarised clip on sunglasses are the most cost effective way of blocking harmful ultra violet rays, they offer 100% UV protection and counteract sunlight and the elements. Our own ClipFlipz clip on sunglasses range includes a shatterproof polycarbonate lens version which are perfect for most sporting and outdoor activities.

In summary, it is worth noting the individual benefits of each different type of clip on sunglasses. Driving clip on sunglasses are perhaps the most self explanatory, operating perfectly for driving. Polarised clip on sunglasses are fantastic for activities such as fishing where the wearer wants to reduce surface glare from the water and have clearer depth perception to see further under water. Non polarised polycarbonate lens clip on sunglasses will decrease the risk of shattering when compared to a standard clip on lens, great for sports where there is increased risk of objects or debris near the eyes.

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