Golf Sunglasses – Essential to Maximise Performance

There are not many sports that provide the enjoyment of many hours out in the sunshine in open fields along with the luxury of playing at your own pace, golf is a sport that does. However it’s not all about relaxation, as with any sport golf has an extremely competitive edge with handicaps included for lesser skilled players which can often leave the more established golfer with a greater challenge to complete 18 rounds in fewer shots than their opponent.

Long days walking around lengthy golf courses can be very physically demanding and exposure to hours of sunlight could cause problems than can directly affect performance. No more so than the sun in a golfers eyes for long periods, tiredness and a lack of concentration being two of the worst conditions a golfer is likely to face. Golf sunglasses are an extremely effective accessory to help to counteract the glare from the sun. Depending on the time of day, this can quite often be directly in the line of a crucial putt or stroke and so reduce the effectiveness of a golfer thus directly affecting performance. It is crucial in a sport such as golf that concentration is not broken by the effects of sunlight and so wearing sunglasses could be considered essential.

There are certain factors to abide by when choosing golf sunglasses. They should be lightweight and comfortable whilst offering a maximum field of vision to ensure each stroke is hit with precision. A golfer cannot afford colours to appear distorted or have optical clarity affected. This would directly affect putting, looking for balls in the rough and judging a ball in flight. Coloured lenses such as amber, brown, copper, orange or yellow increase visual contrast and help in the identification of light objects such as the ball. Of course the weather can change during each game and so choosing golf sunglasses that can cope in changing light conditions would help to maximise performance whatever the scenario. Interchangeable sunglasses are a cost effective option, as dark lenses help on those bright summer days whilst clear or yellow lenses are great on darker or overcast days.

Many professional golfers wear sunglasses these days, especially when walking down the greens or between holes, so that their eyes are not affected by sunlight which can reduce performance as the day wears on. It would seem only natural that everyday golfers should follow suit. Of course golf sunglasses will not ensure 300 yard drives or a hole in one every time, but they will help maximise visual performance!

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