Clip On Sunglasses Making Their Mark in 2016

Clip on sunglasses have for a long time been viewed by many people as an unfashionable, quirky but cheap add on for spectacle wearers who do not want to purchase expensive prescription sunglasses.

With the majority of clipon sunglasses having bulky clips and looking quite geeky when worn in the flipped up position it’s not surprising they’ve not been at the forefront of the sunglasses fashion stakes for many years.

This year, Google search volumes and traffic statistics announced by sunglasses retailers have suggested that this once un-trendy product is now making a comeback and will make their mark on sunglasses sales in 2016.

It is unclear as to why clip on sunglasses have started to trend, although there are a number of factors that could possibly have influenced people. Lady GaGa, seen as quite a trend setter in the modern day, has regularly been seen sporting clip-on sunglasses, whilst the hit science fiction film The Matrix trilogy featured a character who wore a fit on the nose variant of clipons.

Another important factor for their rise in popularity could be the current economic climate, glasses wearers may not have the credit card limits or cash in the bank to splash out on multiple pairs of sunglasses for different occasions so are instead choosing to purchase clip on sunglasses to save money.

The fact that they are a unisex product could sway glasses wearers who need sunglasses towards clip ons as this would again mean that they become cost effective as well as being an extremely practical solution to eye protection from the sun.

Whatever the reason behind the trend it is again a sign that retro style fashion will always have a place in people’s hearts and continue to influence the British fashion industry year after year, time and time again.

The month of February saw over 4,000 searches for clip on sunglasses in the UK alone, globally there were over 20,000 searches for the product which would suggest that the UK will have a heavy influence on sales this year.

It would be advisable for anyone thinking of purchasing clip on sunglasses to speak with manufacturers and retailers to see which lens type would suit each occasion. For example sports would require a shatterproof lens, whilst a polarised lens would suit fisherman needing to see below the water surface without the sun’s glare affecting them..

2016 seems sure to be an interesting year for the fashion industry, one that perhaps will see a big impact made by clip on sunglasses, only time can tell.

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