How to Clean Sunglasses Lenses

In order to get optimum performance and longevity from a pair of sunglasses it is vital that they are cleaned correctly, this will also ensure the levels of eye care and protection remain at their peak. Of course different types of lenses will react differently to various methods of cleaning however some fundamental rules apply for all. A gentle touch using the correct cleaning fluids is needed to ensure that the sunglasses lens surface is not damaged by using too much force or applying the incorrect cleaning agent. In some cases cleaning fluids and liquids may not be required at all.

For example, if the sunglasses lens is not affected by grease and is just lightly dirty, then simply blowing on the lens steadily and slowly whilst rubbing with a top quality microfibre, wool or linen cloth can be very effective as the moisture from your breath doubles up as a cleaning solution. Warm water can also provide a cheap and fast solution to removing dirt on both plastic and glass lenses. Used with the same type of cleaning cloth will ensure excellent results.

The detergent used in dishwashers is also another handy household cleaning item that can save having to purchase special optical fluid cleaners. Glass window cleaning sprays can also be used to clean standard lenses, although it is worth noting that applying too much of this type of cleaning fluid can leave streaks or greasy marks. Using a light spray and gently wiping the lenses will ensure a clean surface.

Mirrored and anti-reflective sunglasses lenses require a more specialist level of attention when it comes to maintenance. Using warm water, dishwasher or glass cleaners could actually create problems as the lens surface has often been specifically treated to provide the specific level of performance for this type of lens and the surface may react to non compatible cleaning methods. It is always advisable to use an anti-reflective lens cleaner for this type of lens which has been specifically recommended and manufactured for use with coated lens sunglasses.

Standard optical sprays or camera cleaning sprays may also be compatible. But check first with the sunglasses manufacturer or retailer on the effectiveness of such liquids before using them to ensure they are friendly and not reactive to the type of lens in question.

Carrying out regular checks and cleaning sunglasses lenses before they become unduly affected by grease or dirt can act as a really good preventative measure. Simply putting them in warm water and using a good quality cloth could help to prevent a major build up of dirt before it happens. Not allowing dirt to build up will also prevent the need to apply increased force or cleaning liquids, thus resulting in as decreased likelihood of scratches and increasing your sunglasses lifespan.

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