How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit your Face Size and Shape

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a challenge and presents the potential buyer with a number of difficult questions to overcome, such as which size and shape of sunglasses to wear. The issue of choosing the right size sunglasses to suit your face shape is obviously the most important factor when choosing a particular style of sunglasses, you must ensure that the size of the sunglasses are in proportion with your face size. For example, someone with a small face would be better suited to a smaller pair of sunglasses whilst choosing larger sunglasses for a larger face to give a perfect fit in terms of proportion.

As a general recommendation the frame shape should be the opposite of the shape of your face. However many people choose to exaggerate their own features by wearing the completely opposite sunglasses to the norm, it is after all down to personal preference. For those who prefer to stick with balancing out the sunglasses size and shape with their own face size and features then the following guide will provide a good overview and insight into the considerations to be taken when buying online.

Round faces suit sunglasses frames that help to make the face look thinner and longer than usual, i.e. when eyewear is not being worn. Frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of the face help to reduce the natural facial curves. Wider frames with more angular aspects in appearance will compliment this shape of face really well, rectangular style sunglasses would be a great match.

Square faces can be complimented by choosing round or oval style sunglasses that help to reduce bold features such as wide cheekbones, broad foreheads and chiselled jaw lines. Round or oval style sunglasses will help reduce strong face angles and add a good degree of definition.

People with oval faces are quite lucky compared to people with more prominent features because almost any style of sunglasses frames and lenses are suitable. For this reason it would be wise to take advantage of the latest styles or experiment with many different models to choose the one that best fits in terms of personal preference.

As with square faces, oblong shape faces will suit a rounded style of sunglasses. There is however a big difference between the two face shapes, square obviously encompasses width and height in almost equal balance, whereas an oblong face will be more prominent in height than width. For this reason square lenses will also compliment an oblong face shape. Oval lenses will not provide the right facial balance as they could be wider than the widest part of the face.

Triangular shape faces with narrow jaw features and wider foreheads are ideally suited to an almost cat eye style oval frame and lens. Having the advantage of a wider top part of the face means that frames with rimless bottoms (half frames) can also be a great match. Another good fit would be any frames with a straight line style on the top of the frame due to the upper face width, a frame with a wider bottom half would not balance at all with triangular faces.

For people with a diamond shaped face, the more prominent facial features are narrow chins and foreheads with extended or high cheekbones. This type of face shape is well complimented by oval, square and rimless design sunglasses frames. Lightly curved square frames and oval frames help to balance with wider cheekbones and overall face contour. Ensuring that the sunglasses are not wider than the widest part of the face is a major factor with diamond shaped faces.

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