Aviator Sunglasses Are Still a Must Have Summer Accessory

The year was 1986, Tom Cruise was a young actor with a rising profile and played the leading role of Maverick in the hugely popular Top Gun, a Hollywood blockbuster about a US air force pilot.

Top Gun in the last 25 years has become an all time great and truly established itself as one of the most iconic films of the eighties, if not of all time with its soundtrack, cast and perhaps more surprisingly, for the choice of wardrobe accessories worn by the actors.

Aviator sunglasses stand out above any other accessory in the film with most people fondly remembering the high paced movie scenes such as Cruise riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle or casually walking on the airfield with jets taking off in the background wearing the iconic black lens aviator sunglasses.

Whatever the attraction to emulating movie starts like Tom Cruise in Top Gun,aviator sunglasses have withstood the challenge of newer sunglasses styles and in the past couple of years been one of the best selling ranges of eyewear globally.

Young male holiday makers make up a large percentage of those wearing aviators as part of every day summer life, from sipping cocktails at beach bars to lounging round the pool, such is the draw of these sunglasses that it is rare not to see modern day celebrities wearing them.

It is certainly not just young men who feel pride in wearing aviator eyewear, many ladies wear them and other popular places to see them would be with drivers, walkers and on shopping trips.

There are many different styles of aviator sunglasses such as mirrored lenses, metal frames, plastic frames and the ever popular driving style design with copper lenses to help protect from road glare and enhance day time driving.

Retro style fashion has now for a few years been leading the way, with trend setters wanting to constantly rotate their clothing and accessories it should come as no surprise that aviator sunglasses have been hotly tipped by leading retailers as the one to watch in 2016. The origins of aviators can actually be traced back further than the 1980s, in fact the 1930s were responsible for their introduction for use by the US military.

Brad Pitt, Jensen Button, Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Aniston are just some of the celebrities to have brought them to modern times. It seems certain with retro fashion seemingly having no boundaries that more and more classic sunglasses will make their mark on a hugely competitive and broad fashion sector.

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