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We have a number of eyewear related articles that you may find useful for further reading, a full list is given in the table below:

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How to Choose Your Lens Tint There is a wide variety sunglass lens tints and colours available, this guide will help you choose the most appropriate.
How to Choose Sunglasses to Suit your Face Size and Shape Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a challenge and presents the potential buyer with a number of difficult questions to overcome, such as which size and shape of sunglasses to wear.
How to Choose Clip On Sunglasses There is a wide variety of clip on sunglasses available, this guide will help you understand the benefits of different styles, lenses and designs of clip on sunglasses.
How to Choose Sunglasses A guide on choosing sunglasses looking at the essential elements to consider.
How to Clean Sunglasses Lenses To ensure optimum performance it is vital that sunglasses lenses are cleaned correctly so that their protection remains at their peak.
Sunglasses & Goggles Buying Guide Essential guide to buying sunglasses and goggles.
Aviator Sunglasses A Must Have Summer Accessory With help from Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Aviator Sunglasses have stood the test of time and are one of the best selling ranges of eyewear globally.
Change your Style with New Sunglasses As the summer season approaches it is inevitable that a person’s everyday clothing will change from darker, heavier styles to something lighter and more colourful to suit the changing climate and higher temperatures.
Choosing the Correct Colour Sunglasses Lens Tint To ensure your eyes perform to their best in changing light conditions it is essential you choose the right colour lens tints for your sunglasses.
Clip On Sunglasses Making Their Mark This year, Google search volumes and traffic statistics announced by sunglasses retailers have suggested that this once un-trendy product is now making a comeback and will make their mark on sunglasses sales.
Golf Sunglasses to Maximise Performance Long days walking around lengthy golf courses can be very physically demanding and exposure to hours of sunlight could cause problems than can directly affect performance.
Improve Fielding Performance with Cricket Sunglasses Tests have shown that fielding performance can be improved if the correct eyewear is worn when compared to a cricketer with no sunglasses.
Kids Sunglasses a Holiday Season Essential Developing eyes are extremely sensitive and are at increased risk from UV rays when compared to adults. Recent studies by the College of Optometrists show that over 75% of parents surveyed do not protect their children’s eyes from the sun and that of the ones who do, cost becomes a major factor.
Late Summer Increases Demand for Motorcycle Eyewear Motorcycle enthusiasts have stayed loyal to their passion of hitting the open roads to enjoy a bit of freedom and savour the riding experience. In terms of demand for eyewear, biker sunglasses and motorcycle goggles have remained at the forefront of traffic hitting the i*sunglasses website.
Retro Sunglasses Provide Timeless Eyewear Styles We continue to see a major resurgence of retro sunglasses, in particular the black frame clear lens nerdy styles as worn by many celebrities.
Ski Goggles and Ski Sunglasses are Peaking Out of Season Skiing and snowboarding are seen by many as winter sports activities a million miles away from the warm days of summer. Many sports enthusiasts begin their preparations months in advance of the start of a particular sporting calendar.
Sports Sunglasses for the Summer Season The most noticeable thing about the sporting calendar when it comes to summer is the switch in focus on popular sports. Sports such as fishing, cricket, golf and watersports become much more prevalent.
Sports Sunglasses for the Spring Season As winter moves into spring the outdoor sports industry and fashion sector sees major changes due to the weather change. Hobbies such as skiing and snowboarding are replaced by activities like fishing, hiking and cycling.
Sunglasses Are Perfect For Gifts Choosing a gift for someone is hard at the best of times. It could be a partner, friend or distant relative who doesn't know what they want and that makes your task extremely difficult.
Sunglasses are Essential Outdoor Protection Participation in outdoor activities increases as the summer season approaches. Spring brings a major increase in the number of hikers, walkers and cyclists as the heavy rain and cold temperatures of winter disappear.
Sunglasses Have Stood the Test of Time Sunglasses have been worn for thousands of years by almost every corner of society, from emperors in Rome through to today's fashion catwalk models.

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